Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alley and Zaiden's Shearing Day

Zaiden's Before Shot SOO incredibly fluffy!

Pretty Boy!
Alley wouldn't pose.. she was just interested in snuggling with Kayla... 

Ok Ok.. lets just snuggle then :)

So neat to see them shrink to a 1/4 of their size..  Must feel soo nice!

Zaiden's Fleece is GORGEOUS!  Almost with a pinky tone base.. will make a  neat yarn!

Kayla was so concerned for them and was right there talking to them threw it all :)

When they were all done they spent a good 10 minutes sniffing eachother.. it's like they didn't recognize eachother!
Is that you!?!?

Still sniffing.. Notice their manicures! lol 

This is so neat.. they have seen the bunnies many times but for some reason they couldn't get enough of these guys.. I SOO wish I had a video camera charged and ready to shoot cause this would have made a perfect sequel to my other video of Lacey playing with the kitten. (With her manicure right after shearing!) 

All done.. Purtied up and Happy as can be!


  1. Love all the pictures! I can't believe how much smaller they look after all that fluff is gone! :) Must be much cooler

    1. Thank-you! They sure do look smaller.. its funny cause the barn was starting to look too small and now they have a ton of space! lol Thanks for reading!

  2. So sweet! They're such lovely alpacas.

  3. Zaiden's fleece will most definitely make some neat yarn - a variegated without even having to mix from different animals. I am jealous! You have done well; I will be learning from the videos you have on YouTube. We have to shear ours, but it will have to wait until the rain stops. Great pictures too!

    1. Thank-you Diane! It has been a work in progress for over a decade and we still have a ways to go! We've got the making of great fiber and yarn down... now we just need to figure out the selling part! lol Good luck with the shearing, if you have any questions email me anytime. Glad you enjoy the photos :)


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