Friday, July 29, 2016

Alpacas for Sale!

A to Z Alpacas is located in Southern Alberta, Canada. We have a large number of high quality breeding males,  bred females and Gelding males for sale. 
Alpacas are herd animals so we sell pairs only. This can mean a pair of geldings, a bred female and a gelding boy to keep company, or if you want to get into breeding you can start with a couple of bred girls and a breeding male (who will need a gelding friend and a separate pasture and shelter) 
We offer a couple of different breeding packages to save you money. Offers valid from now until December 2016. 
First decide if you would like to own alpacas for breeding or just for fun. If just for fun geldings are a great choice. We have many geldings (fixed males) for sale in a wide range of colors, personalities and sizes. Come pick out 2 for $350 or 3 for $450
If you want to have babies you can start with two bred females for $750 and receive a gelding male for companion for free. 
Or one bred female with a gelding boy for a companion for only $500 
If you decide to go into breeding we have breeding males for $500. These are very high quality herdsires that will help improve quality each time you breed. We only keep our best males intact. *most of our herdsires are white in color. 
Purchase 5 or more females and the price is only $300 each. And you can add a herdsire for only $300
* Crias from 2016 are not included in the price. We have some that can go now (bred for 2017 baby but didn't have a baby this year) or you can wait to ship when crias are weaned.
* All females have been exposed to a male all summer and are believed to be bred. However we don't guarantee live births or that the pregnancy will hold in transport. (although it should) 
* None of our alpacas come with registration papers
Please get in touch with me (Leslie) with any questions :)

XO Leslie

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Jack and Jill!!

These two have completely stolen my heart and become part of our family. They've given me hope and a reason to get up bright and early. They greet me with kisses and remind me to smile every single day.
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Jack is a week older than Jill but that isn't why he is so much bigger. Jack is the BIGGEST cria, weighing as much as a 3 week old at birth!! and Jill is the SMALLEST cria ever :) She is literally 2/3 rds the size of Jack.

Jill is a sweetie who is very concerned about getting fed. lol her favorite time is bottle time. She was super weak at birth and we almost lost her. She was born on a cold day in the middle of a giant mud puddle. Her body temp dropped quite low so she wasn't eating properly. I bottle fed her and had her with her mom who was interested but didn't really like her milk bag touched by anything. She was sore and baby was hungry. So once Jill got the colostrum she joined Jack in the garage. She was happy to be here, most times when you separate mom and baby there is a period of sadness for them but she didn't seem to mind at all.. in fact she was much more contented with us.

Jack was about an hour old when I met him for the first time and he had 3 sisters born the same day. The moms were confused and Jacks real mom thought Keagan's new baby was hers. So Jack decided I was gonna be his mom and he followed me all the way through the herd and back to the house. He came right into the garage and laid beside my chair and had a nap. He never had an interest to be back out with the alpacas, he was home with me <3

Both had a rough first 10 days.. Jill was even longer. But with persistent care, lots of prayers and love they made it through and have helped me make it through the past 2 months.

For more videos and photos visit my instagram account, @atozalpacas or join my group on Facebook called Friends of A to Z Alpacas.

If you live close and want to kiss my babies let me know!

XOXO Leslie

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Products List update

I have lots in my online etsy store but that is literally only a fraction of what I have in my farm office/store so please if you are interested in colored yarn please email me. I will work with you to find the perfect color. Just let me know the weight (sock, worsted, bulky, chunky or lace) and I will send photos of your favorite colors. I hope to get a proper catalog of photos ready soon.

Alpaca Fleece

Both Combed Top and Pencil Roving is priced at $70/lb
This price goes down with the purchase of more than 10 lbs or 
up with less than a lb ($2.50 per ounce)

I also have lots of dyed pencil roving available :) 

I am sold out of the fleece for hand spinning! If you NEED to have some message me and I can see what there is but it won't be anything other than white or brown.

Alpaca Bedding!

We now carry bedding from Crescent Moon Duvets!

I have some in stock or can get whatever you need.
Pillows, Mattress Pads, Duvets and cases, made with organic cotton and ALPACA :)
Please contact me for pricing and other inquiries :) These are great!!

And our best seller! Alpaca Socks!

Thank-you for following A to Z Alpacas, our world goes round cause of you :)

XO Leslie

Saturday, June 11, 2016

May 16th my life changed, Farm Visits, New Deals and more

On May 16th my life changed forever when I found my brother. He was gone and he took a big part of my broken heart.
It was a day I’ll never forget. It has been a long and scary road with my brother. He was 32 years old. His name is Anthony and I really wish you could have all gotten to know him. He was planning to work on my youtube channel, he helped shear all the alpacas this year and we were looking forward to a Summer of farm visits together. We had plans and dreams and now they are gone. Facing life without him is really scary. I know the grief all too well, losing my mom 10 years ago was and is still hard to accept. Now this on top of that.. its tough. 
He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago. He was not happy with his wife so he left home to come to the farm. After a couple of weeks (maybe less?) my dad and I called 911 and had him picked up. At the time we were terrified cause I had never in my life seen him so off. He was emotional – all emotions were intense and he didn’t handle them well. He wasn’t himself and we were relieved to have him in the hospital under the care of psychiatrist and nurses cause having him in our home was literally frightening. 
I loved him so much and seeing him like that was heartbreaking. He was diagnosed and put on a round of different meds, committed, released, came out of the Mania stage and went into the depressive stage. He attempted suicide which landed him back in the hospital. They did brain shocks to him numerous times which worked to get him out of the depression except he was left with NO memories of about a 2 year span. He lost so much time with his daughter that he couldn’t even recall for a second without feeling ill. His daughter is 7 and step son is 18. 
For a couple of years leading up to this and on and off for the past 3 years him and his wife didn’t see eye to eye much and threats of leaving eachother happened a lot. He did leave her multiple times but each time he did it broke his heart. He lived with us for the Fall and Winter 2014 and left in March of 2015. It was a terrible time with him, we all fought a lot. I would try to get him to take his meds and it would lead to a fight. I was so fed up and so was he and dad. Poor Kayla witnessed so much bad from all of us. We were relieved when he decided to go home. He went back to his wife and kids and they tried once again. I talked to him daily and our relationship was instantly good again. But he still fought with his wife and By Summer he was so manic, so fed up with life that he packed some things in his truck and lived downtown. He hung out with criminals, drug addicts and slept in his truck. Alone and afraid without a job or a dime to his name. He resisted help from everyone and refused to go back to the hospital or anyone. He later talked with me in great depths about the recent manic episode in January this year when we reconnected and I noticed he was completely back to his regular normal self!! After Thanksgiving his wife and kids left the home they had in Lethbridge (in his name) and he moved back in and at least had a home to be in. It was good, but mentally he was so far gone. He completely demolished the house they worked so hard to fix up. Holes you could walk through, and windows you couldn’t see out of because he had spray painted them. He lost touch with reality and for some time wasn’t even wanting to see the kids because he knew deep down it wasn’t good for them. So he stayed away. 
In March he was evicted from his home (that looks to be abandoned and possibly condemned) and came home with me! I was excited, Dad was excited, Kayla was excited and so was he!! We have TONS of amazing memories from March and April! I am so grateful for them!!
After reaching out to his step son and wife and got the responses he feared he would, he realized things were never going to go back to the way they were. He suffered from mental and physical pain and believed he couldn’t work full time. He had debt piled up from years of senseless spending, on top of the manic spending and a new fence.. the list went on and the toll free numbers haunted him. We got MANY calls everyday. Things here with Kayla haven’t been easy due to reconnecting with her father, and hard times at school. That broke his heart and for the last two weeks we talked often and he wasn’t shy about talking about his sadness and grief. He was mourning the loss of everything, he had no hope for a positive future. He was broken. I hate that he is gone, I hate that he was THAT sad, and I hate that I couldn’t save him... 
But what I love is that I have my farm, alpacas, and YOU! People who care, about us! I am so grateful to everyone who has reached out, I haven’t returned everyone’s messages but I will someday. Right now I am needing to get back into the swing of things because I’ve only had 2 sales since Anthony passed and dad is getting on my case to make some money! Lol 
So I’m going to make it simple, permanent and oh so tempting! 
Natural Yarn (200 gram skeins) 20 options to choose from!!
Buy 1 $50
Buy 2 for $85
Or pick 3 for $100!
And $30 for each additional 
Hand Dyed One of a Kind Skeins (About 200 grams, price can be adjusted if above or below)
Buy 1 $58
Buy 2 for $100
Or pick 3 for $140!
And $38 for each additional
Everyday or Ankle Styles
1st Pair $30
Buy 2 $50
1 Pair - $38
2 Pairs - $60

Farm Visits!
We had a big day planned for July 12th with The Crochet Crowd!! But unfortunately that has been postponed until next year due to Dan’s heart attack. I’m sad about this, but hope all is well with them and can’t wait to meet them next year!
I had a ton of tours last year and while it was fun it kind of got out of control with stop ins almost daily. Right now with all that I’m dealing with I’d like to set 3 dates and have an open house style where you can come alone or with a group of friends (the ones who like to buy soft yarn lol) and bring a lunch if you want. I will open my home and store to the public from 9AM till 2PM. The alpacas will be roaming the yard and if you come early you are more likely to catch a birth or two  They birth from 9 till about 1! 
We have 65 babies so far and are expecting about 30 more!! Its been fun and adventurous this year! I am currently bottle feeding every few hours two that were orphaned. The curls on this years cria is so phenomenal, its exciting to see our efforts pay off with great quality alpacas  Makes me proud! 
Please join me on Instagram and my new Facebook Page called “Friends of A to Z Alpacas” ask to join,  thats where I will be focussing on posting to most. Also my girl Kayla is awesome at photography and started her own account too. – Follow us both! @atozalpacas and @alpaca_girl122 

I will write again soon and include photos of the babies and products. Until then please let me know if I can help you with yarn, rovings or socks. 

Oh and I just remembered I was going to go back and do the draws for the giveaways I promised and then completely forgot about. So get your entries in because the winners will be in my next newsletter!

Thank-you all!
XO Leslie 

From A few weeks ago..

May 17: I am terribly saddened to announce the huge loss of my brother  please bare with me the next little while as I might not be as available as in the past.

May 22: Yesterday was a tough one ! I'm glad it's behind me and grateful for the many people who showed up to say goodbye and be there for us. I have many names to throw out but won't because I don't want to miss anyone. So thank you to everyone - you know who you are 
I feel so many emotions and they are all so strong at times. Grief is the shits and I'm gonna need people. I completely fell apart after mom passed away. She was my person. I felt the same desperate emptiness that my brother felt so I understood him. Heck we were cut from the exact same cloth in a number of ways. We laughed about how our strides were the same as we walked side by side and in sync. We liked the same foods and enjoyed the same things, and although he wasn't a huge fan of reality tv, I convinced him to watch big brother with Kayla and I. We were in love with Tim and Cass and he talked about how anti climatic the ending was. I am so grateful Kayla and I have the memories of getting together three times a week to watch a silly show together. Kayla is going to need a best friend (girl friend in particular) so please pray she gets that! I am not sure why she is so unliked and unloved in vauxhall but it sure makes our lives a living hell. So I pray that changes for her.
Dad too! I'm thankful he has friends to chat with (Anthony and I referred to dad as a teenage girl when he talks for hours lol)
I hope that everyone doesn't not call cause they don't know what to say! That is my biggest worry! Call to tell me a joke or something about you to distract me. I'm gonna need it ..
Love to all ! I have a houseful today but tomorrow they all go back to regular life. I am not even sure what my regular life will be yet. So afraid of that unknown but im just taking it day by day.
Xoxo Leslie

Friday, February 15, 2013

Redirect to my Website

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Recently I've decided that I've got way too many things going on and am not finding enough time to dedicate to all of it. As a result I've decided to stop blogging and focus more on my website and facebook page.
I welcome you to come check out my website where you will find info on alpacas, alpaca yarn and other products as well as our commercial farm :) and Facebook
Hope to see you over there!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet Baby Petite!

This lil girl is so precious and small.. she is a preemie. Many of you may remember the preemie we had last year.. "Niblet" She was a lil different as she wasn't strong enough to eat on her own so we had to bottle feed to get her going. Here are a couple video's of Niblet

Petite has always had the strength to eat all on her own.. she amazes me!
On a windy day she has a hard time standing straight cause shes so small she literally blows over! lol Right now its super windy and rainy so shes in the barn with her momma who is incredibly attentive and cares about nothing right now but her baby girl. I really hope and pray this little girl beats the odds and makes it. She is already 3 days old and is still strong.. eating, playing and being sweet :)
The white is 3 days older and the fawn is a week older.. She is TINY!

The white cria is only 3 days older than her! 

Hehe She fits right under mom.. and mom isn't very big either :)