Saturday, June 11, 2016

From A few weeks ago..

May 17: I am terribly saddened to announce the huge loss of my brother  please bare with me the next little while as I might not be as available as in the past.

May 22: Yesterday was a tough one ! I'm glad it's behind me and grateful for the many people who showed up to say goodbye and be there for us. I have many names to throw out but won't because I don't want to miss anyone. So thank you to everyone - you know who you are 
I feel so many emotions and they are all so strong at times. Grief is the shits and I'm gonna need people. I completely fell apart after mom passed away. She was my person. I felt the same desperate emptiness that my brother felt so I understood him. Heck we were cut from the exact same cloth in a number of ways. We laughed about how our strides were the same as we walked side by side and in sync. We liked the same foods and enjoyed the same things, and although he wasn't a huge fan of reality tv, I convinced him to watch big brother with Kayla and I. We were in love with Tim and Cass and he talked about how anti climatic the ending was. I am so grateful Kayla and I have the memories of getting together three times a week to watch a silly show together. Kayla is going to need a best friend (girl friend in particular) so please pray she gets that! I am not sure why she is so unliked and unloved in vauxhall but it sure makes our lives a living hell. So I pray that changes for her.
Dad too! I'm thankful he has friends to chat with (Anthony and I referred to dad as a teenage girl when he talks for hours lol)
I hope that everyone doesn't not call cause they don't know what to say! That is my biggest worry! Call to tell me a joke or something about you to distract me. I'm gonna need it ..
Love to all ! I have a houseful today but tomorrow they all go back to regular life. I am not even sure what my regular life will be yet. So afraid of that unknown but im just taking it day by day.
Xoxo Leslie

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