Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet Baby Petite!

This lil girl is so precious and small.. she is a preemie. Many of you may remember the preemie we had last year.. "Niblet" She was a lil different as she wasn't strong enough to eat on her own so we had to bottle feed to get her going. Here are a couple video's of Niblet

Petite has always had the strength to eat all on her own.. she amazes me!
On a windy day she has a hard time standing straight cause shes so small she literally blows over! lol Right now its super windy and rainy so shes in the barn with her momma who is incredibly attentive and cares about nothing right now but her baby girl. I really hope and pray this little girl beats the odds and makes it. She is already 3 days old and is still strong.. eating, playing and being sweet :)
The white is 3 days older and the fawn is a week older.. She is TINY!

The white cria is only 3 days older than her! 

Hehe She fits right under mom.. and mom isn't very big either :)


  1. Petite is so cute. We've also had an early birth this week and are continuing to supplement till he's on his own to nurse from mom.
    You have wonderful pics of your herd...

  2. Thank-you for your sweet comment :) I enjoy photographing the alpacas more than anything! I wish you lots of luck with your baby boy, Niblet and Petite are doing very well. Niblet has grown to be as big as the others and you wouldn't even know she was a preemie. Petite is still way smaller than any other cria (even the ones born after her) so I think it will take some time for her to catch up but she is doing really well!


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