Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My "Mental" Day

Greetings from A to Z Alpacas! 

I have had a rough week, struggling through the nightmare task of making my website work.. when it didn't want to. The stress got the better of me and my favorite way to relieve stress is to grab my camera and head out to the pastures and do nothing but admire.. and wish my life was as simple as theirs! lol All they gotta do is eat, sleep and make fiber.. I wish! After spending a few hours with the alpacas I came home with a clear mind, burnt shoulders (OUCH!) and about 450 pictures! lol Hope you enjoy them :) 

Lola having a nap on Felicia's back <3

I wouldn't say that Alpacas are Racist... but they definitely "hang" with their own color.


Horsin.. around. OR should I say paca-ing.. (lol nope) 

The cria are so fluffy and looking like they are ready for their annual haircuts!
We wanted to try something new this year and wait to shear the cria (I should say yearlings.. these were born last Spring/Summer) Couple reasons.. 1) To ensure they were safe from the freak snow storms we tend to get in May. and 2) to hopefully clean them up a bit. We have them out of the barn and in the pasture away from the hay.. hoping it would keep them cleaner. Because the cria fleece is so fine EVERYTHING likes to stick to it like valcro. We are going to start shearing as soon as the rain that is forcasted is over.. and we are hoping we are going to be able to clean the fiber up. If not we will have to send it off to the mill to have yarn made as it won't be clean enough for us to sell as handspin ready fleece. 

These two were peaking over their friend and sneaking around to check out Buddy. Then they would run back and peak again. haha


Alley and Zaiden <3

These two boys are hilarious! They are always playing together and within ear shot of each other.. but they fight all the time! They will spit and squawk, jump up and fight.. just like siblings I guess.. lol

These 4 are best friends.. always hanging out and very curious about Buddy and the sounds the camera makes. Great posers too!

The fluffy guy is one of the surprise cria in the Fall :)

This is Kelly.. She is ALWAYS right next to me when I'm taking pictures. I actually didn't even know I took this picture until I saw it on the computer! lol She likes to be in every photo if she can. 

Our current baby count is 11 - 3 girls and 8 boys!

Buddy can't walk by a cria without sneaking a kiss :)

I love my alpacas and the "mental" days I get to take in the pasture with them :)


  1. I LOVE the pic of Kelly's nose. So cute.

    1. Thanks! She is very, very curious about the camera! lol


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