Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Products List update

I have lots in my online etsy store but that is literally only a fraction of what I have in my farm office/store so please if you are interested in colored yarn please email me. I will work with you to find the perfect color. Just let me know the weight (sock, worsted, bulky, chunky or lace) and I will send photos of your favorite colors. I hope to get a proper catalog of photos ready soon.

Alpaca Fleece

Both Combed Top and Pencil Roving is priced at $70/lb
This price goes down with the purchase of more than 10 lbs or 
up with less than a lb ($2.50 per ounce)

I also have lots of dyed pencil roving available :) 

I am sold out of the fleece for hand spinning! If you NEED to have some message me and I can see what there is but it won't be anything other than white or brown.

Alpaca Bedding!

We now carry bedding from Crescent Moon Duvets!

I have some in stock or can get whatever you need.
Pillows, Mattress Pads, Duvets and cases, made with organic cotton and ALPACA :)
Please contact me for pricing and other inquiries :) These are great!!

And our best seller! Alpaca Socks!

Thank-you for following A to Z Alpacas, our world goes round cause of you :)

XO Leslie


  1. I wish I could buy it all. :) Your yarn and fiber is such a joy to work with. Yes, I have my own alpacas, but with the packages from you I can get right to work without cleaning or washing. :)

  2. Ooohh! That bedding sounds wonderful!


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